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Fuel Proof Offers Unique Features Which Sets it Apart.

Fuel Proof Features

All features of Fuel Proof have been designed to make your inspections fast, effective, and understandable. We work directly with inspection professionals every day and are dedicated to continually adding features that make you’r experience enjoyable and simple. Should you not find a feature that you require, do not worry! Fuel Proof was built to be customized. We would love to hear more about your requirements. Please be sure to reach out for a quote!

Image-to-Image Comparison

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a picture during an inspection, and compare it to previous photos of the same item? We thought so too, so we created it and patented it! This technology allows you to actually see your assets degrade over time. We are proud of this feature and cannot wait for you to check it out!

Patent No.: US 10,740,696 B2

Template System

Adding every inspection question for every location and every piece of equipment can be very time-consuming! Fuel Proof makes short work of this by incorporating an intuitive templating system. Create inspections in a few quick clicks of the mouse, and never go back to paper forms or slow manual data entry ever again!

Asset Management

What if you could see the status of every piece of equipment for every location? I think we could all agree this would be powerful. This is exactly what Fuel Proof delivers. You can see a rolling history for every piece of equipment, allowing you to track degradation over time. Never get caught off guard by equipment failures ever again with Fuel Proof!

Recurring Appointments

Need to schedule a series of inspections? Fuel Proof offers one of the most innovative industry solutions called “Inspection Series”. Not only does this feature allow you to set any inspection to recur, but it goes one step further and segments off each recurrence into a “Series” that allows for greater control over each recurring instance.

Inspection Records

Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of all those binders of inspection and maintenance reports? To be able to find any of those records in seconds rather than hours? Fuel Proof is the solution to this common problem. With Fuel Proof finding records is as simple as selecting a location and then going through its inspection history. We keep your records secure and we keep them forever!

Asset Maintenance

Tracking equipment status is great, but what happens when it needs service? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to track and schedule this? Fuel Proof to the rescue! Now you can track your equipment’s maintenance, and better yet Fuel Proof pulls the records forward to any inspections that are scheduled to be performed before the maintenance takes place, saving both time and money!

Inspection Accuracy

How can you ensure an inspection was done by the correct person at the correct location? Fuel Proof has the solution! Inspectors take selfies on site that are GPS and Time/Date stamped. This ensures that you can verifiably prove that the inspection was performed where and when it should be. In addition to this, inspectors much log when the inspection began and when it is finished, and digitally sign the inspection once it is complete.

Printable Inspection Reports

Have clients or facilities that still require a report to be printed or emailed? Fuel Proof offers this feature right out of the box! Every inspection performed has a report that can be viewed online and then be saved as a .pdf for electronic or paper filing. No matter what your process for filing is, Fuel Proof has you covered!

Software Customization

Need something to work differently? Perhaps you need a feature added that currently does not exist? We want to hear about it! One of the best parts of Fuel Proof is that each instance can be customized to suit your companies unique needs. We have a team of developers here at eSpec that love a good challenge! Unlike with other web software that locks you into features, you don’t need and won’t add the features you do need, Fuel Proof allows for unlimited possibilities!

Professional Training

At eSpec Software we understand that moving to a new system can be a daunting task, this is why we have taken great measures to ensure that you never feel alone. We have a team of professional staff ready to assist in training members of your staff on how to use Fuel Proof. Every Fuel Proof license comes with a training session for your staff to get you started, and should you require additional assistance your license also includes professional support. You are never alone with eSpec and Fuel Proof!

Product Support

When you choose Fuel Proof, you are getting so much more than software. We have fuel industry roots that go way back, and we understand that you will have questions. You are never alone with Fuel Proof. We have support staff here in the United States ready to assist you with any questions that you have. From billing to technical questions, we have your back! No matter what your circumstances our customers are our number one priority, refreshing right?


Fuel Proof is petroleum industry inspection software intended to make all of your inspection needs simple and compliant. With each release of our software, we aim to ever improve our customer’s experience through innovative industry-first features. We always strive for the best customer experience; from our onboarding process to our support staff, everything we do is with our customers in mind.

Operator Training

New business, employees, or need a certification renewal? Head over to SafeT1stonline.com for your Class A, B, and C Operators training and certification.